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GUT to KNOW: Isotonic and hypotonic and hypertonic

Isotone vs. hypotone - that's what science says

Today, many athletes still think of isotone sports drinks when it comes to hydration during training and competition. But are iso drinks actually the optimal training companions?

Isotonic (“iso” means equal) drinks are characterized by the same concentration of particles as that of blood. In comparison, the particle concentration of so-called hypotonic (“hypo” = under) drinks is lower than that in the blood.

Scientific studies in recent years have shown that hypotonic drinks have better absorption and tolerability. This is particularly beneficial before and during long endurance exercise and minimizes gastrointestinal (gastrointestinal tract) problems.

In addition, hypotonic sports drinks have a shorter stomach retention time during exercise and are absorbed more quickly in the small intestine than isotonic drinks. Which means the body gets hydrated faster.

So the question of the optimal sports drink seems to have been clarified? Nearly.


Hypertension? POST Workout!

Not to be confused with hypotonic, fruit juices, energy or soft drinks whose particle concentration is higher than that of blood and therefore have a higher osmotic pressure than blood are hypertonic! Important: Hypertonic drinks are not suitable for sports!

Hypertonic drinks remove fluid from the body and therefore often trigger nausea or diarrhea during high stress.

However, they can be used to quickly replenish carbohydrate stores AFTER exercise. It's best to wait until after your bike ride for the popular cola.


Which sports drink is hypotonic and therefore ideal?

The OMNi-POWER® CARBOTONIC sports drink is slightly hypotonic and is also the first sports drink that focuses entirely on intestinal absorption! It therefore meets all the requirements to optimally supply the body without putting unnecessary strain on it.

Studies have shown that up to 93% of all long distance triathletes suffer from GI (gastrointestinal) problems during competition. That was reason enough to develop the OMNi-POWER® CARBOTONIC based on current science and thus provide a remedy.


Examples of hypotonic, isotonic and hypertonic drinks:

OMNi-POWER® CARBOTONIC , tap and mineral water, unsweetened fruit and herbal teas, non-alcoholic beer

Isotonic sports drinks, sweetened tea, diluted fruit juice 1:1

Lemonade/Cola, pure fruit juice, energy drinks

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