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What makes the ideal sports drink? | Scientist explains

Science: Quickly explained

The general scientific recommendation of an optimal sports drink is simply explained; The drink should quickly provide the athlete with water and carbohydrates (carbohydrates) as part of the sport.
Slightly hypotonic to isotonic drinks with a carbohydrate content of 4% to 8% are particularly suitable for this. An additional sodium supplement of 0.5 - 1.0 g/l promotes fluid absorption and should be done particularly during longer endurance exercise of over 4 hours to prevent hyponatremia. With this composition, rapid gastric transit and absorption in the small intestine can be achieved. So to simplify: the carbohydrates quickly reach where they are needed.

Creation of CARBOTONIC

We now look after more than 500 professional athletes at home and abroad and gain exciting insights into the influence sport has on the microbiome every day. However, the athletes also ask us numerous exciting questions every day. Among other things, I was repeatedly asked about “microbiome-friendly” sports nutrition. This gave us the idea to found the OMNi-POWER ® brand . In collaboration with elite athletes, sports and nutrition scientists as well as well-known manufacturers, we have succeeded in bringing the first OMNi-POWER ® brand product onto the market.

With OMNi-POWER Carbotonic, our aim was to bring a high-quality sports drink onto the market that meets the high requirements of elite athletes.
- Simone Kumhofer, MSc.

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