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Developed by experts. Tested in competition. Proven among athletes. 

The history of how OMNi-POWER® CARBOTONIC came about makes it clear why it is an exceptional sports drink: It combines decades of research on the subject of intestinal health with first-hand experience from high-performance sports.

Whether you're a hobby runner in your first marathon or a top triathlete during your fifth season competition - many endurance athletes have already experienced it first hand: intensive sporting stress not only represents a challenge for muscles, joints or psyche, it very often also leads to problems in the Gastrointestinal area.

A vexing topic that triathlete, nutrition expert and head of the OMNi-BiOTiC® POWER team Simone Kumhofer and many of her sports colleagues knew all too well. Previous gastrointestinal problems during competition are the reason why OMNi-BiOTiC® brand probiotics have had an important place in her nutritional plan for many years. The athletes rely on the decades of research experience of Mag. Anita Frauwallner , founder of the OMNi-BiOTiC® brand, who has been working on the topic of intestinal health and, above all, the useful bacteria in our intestines – the intestinal microbiome – for more than 30 years.

In demand: “gut-friendly” sports nutrition

The OMNi-BiOTiC® POWER team currently looks after more than 500 professional athletes at home and abroad. The intensive exchange with the athletes reflects the scientific findings regarding the influence of sport on the intestinal microbiome. A change in the intestinal mucosa and the associated increased permeability of the intestine - even for undesirable substances - can also be the consequences of years of high stress on the body.

Exactly when it counts, namely in competition, all of these factors sometimes lead to acute gastrointestinal problems and an unexpected drop in performance. The condition of the intestines can therefore be the difference between victory and defeat in sport. No wonder, then, that the call for “gut-friendly” sports nutrition among endurance athletes has become increasingly louder in recent years.

Developed by experts

Therefore, a team of intestinal experts as well as sports and nutrition scientists decided to pool their knowledge and experiences and develop a sports drink that is precisely tailored to the needs of endurance athletes with sensitive intestines. Leading the charge: Simone Kumhofer, who, as a successful triathlete and qualified nutritionist, combines know-how and personal experience from both worlds – science and sport. This is how the OMNi-POWER® brand was born. In intensive collaboration with elite athletes and well-known manufacturers in the field of sports nutrition, last year we finally managed to bring OMNi-POWER® CARBOTONIC onto the market, the first sports drink that focuses on best tolerability and rapid absorption in the intestines.

Tested in competition

Another special feature of the product: in the finalization phase, the development team did not simply rely on the feedback of a few selected athletes. No, OMNi-POWER® CARBOTONIC was put through its paces by numerous athletes under real competition conditions in several triathlon competitions. An endurance test that the product passed with flying colors. OMNi-POWER® CARBOTONIC not only impressed with its subtle, natural taste, but also sparked real enthusiasm among triathlon participants due to its good tolerability. “For many athletes, it was commonplace to struggle with intestinal problems or even a drop in performance during long distances and hard training. Our OMNi-POWER® CARBOTONIC gave many people back the energy and motivation for their continued success. The gratitude we felt from the athletes was indescribable,” says Kumhofer about the enthusiastic feedback.

Proven among athletes

Numerous athletes from various disciplines now rely on the OMNi-POWER® brand, as it combines knowledge from decades of research on intestinal health with first-hand experience from successful high-performance athletes, who can therefore start any competition in a relaxed manner. An incredible added value for every athlete, as Kumhofer explains. “With our OMNi-POWER® products, we give athletes the opportunity to focus 100% on training and performance and simply leave the issue of intestinal health to us.”

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