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The Ironman Hawaii from an athlete's perspective - Was it really that expensive and overcrowded

If you leafed through triathlon magazines before Hawaii or talked to friends from the triathlon scene, you could clearly sense one thing: the negative vibes regarding the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii this year. But what was the mood there actually like? Age grouper Chris Nindl was at the starting line of this year's race and shared his impressions with us. Would you rather listen to the podcast? Click here for the podcast!

An overcrowded island full of athletes?

Due to the increasing number of starting places and the starting field being split over two days, an overcrowded island was expected in advance. Whether popular hotspots like Kailua Bay can even be visited? Once we got there, the whole thing turned out to be half as wild. In order to avoid the ruble before the race, you should ideally book accommodation a little outside the triathlon center.

Price explosion

Especially the topic of 'prizes' was hotly debated in the weeks before the race. But here too, there were hardly any differences to be noticed on site compared to previous years. The earlier accommodation and flights could be booked, the easier it was to find suitable and affordable accommodation. Food prices are very high in contrast to the prices in our supermarkets. However, this has already been noticed in recent years. Healthy, fresh products are particularly expensive and are best purchased at local markets.

Food prices

Who doesn't have special foods that end up on your plate every day? From porridge for breakfast to your favorite spread. In order not to expose yourself to additional stress before the highlight of the season, our Hawaii starters recommend taking these products with you from home. In addition, the quality of the local food is often worse than what you are used to at home.
If you leave the supermarket and stroll past cafés and bars, you can't miss a bowl. You should definitely treat yourself to a poke bowl, a fundamentally healthy snack. Due to the fish deposit, please not before the big race day.
The sweet acai bowl, which is also very popular, should also be left out before the Ironman. The basis here is the pureed fruits of the acai palm. These taste rather earthy, which is why a lot of sugar is usually added. An acai bowl is also decorated with lots of fruits. The amount of fructose could significantly increase the Dixi stops in the race .

Myth of Hawaii

You can still say that the Ironman Hawaii is something very special and everyone who goes home with a medal can be proud of themselves.
Our athletes agree - the myth of Hawaii is still alive.

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